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Learning to play the guitar can be fun and can benefit you in several other ways, such as improving coordination, memory and concentration. Learning an instrument also exposes you to the different styles of music, including folk, classical and jazz. It is true that you are never too old to learn something new, and if you are wondering what to look for when choosing a guitar teacher, the following tips can help you.

One of the best places to get recommendations for a good guitar teacher is in the music department at your local school or college. Local music stores (yes, the same place where you can find the best chorus pedals and best wah pedals). are also a good place to look, and many guitar instructors also perform on the local bar and club circuit. Keep in mind that a good teacher doesn’t necessarily have to be an expert player too, and you may also want to choose a guitar teacher who is passionate about teaching others, rather than someone who sees it as just another source of income.

There are no specific qualifications needed in order to teach guitar. However, you may want to ask a potential guitar teacher how long he or she has been playing, where they were trained, or whether they were self taught. A teacher who is active musically in the community generally has the passion and excitement you might be looking for, and can often provide an interesting overview of the local music scene. It’s recommended to go with a teacher who has at least several years of teaching experience, and you shouldn’t be afraid to ask for references. A good teacher will quickly figure out your style, and your skill level and can adjust their teaching approach accordingly.

One of the most important factors when choosing a guitar teacher is their teaching style. Different teachers can be casual or strict, or somewhere in between. They may teach you to play a single song over and over again, or they may be more focused on technique. If your goal is to be a serious guitar player, you probably want a teacher with a more serious approach, whereas an instructor with a more laid back approach might be better if you are simply learning the instrument for the fun of it. Personality is just as important too, and you need to be able to trust, respect and even like your teacher.

Don’t overlook the practicalities when determining what to look for when choosing a guitar teacher. If you are busy with work, studying or family commitments, you want to make sure that the teacher’s schedule and availability will match yours. Working with someone who returns your phone calls and emails, and is generally available to answer your questions is also a must. Of course, the cost of the lessons will also be a big consideration; however you should be wary of going with the teacher who charges the lowest rate. As a general rule of thumb, expect to pay anywhere between about $25 and $60 for an hour long lesson, depending on where you live.